we are a health consultancy firm based in dar es salaam, tanzania

and our mission is to improve access to quality health care through

innovative concepts.

made in germany & tanzania. for east africa & beyond.

We believe that patients need to become better informed partners of health care providers and play a more active role in managing their own health.

Overburdened health systems that are built mainly by health care providers do not always address needs of patients in the best possible way.

Long waiting times and dependence on the system without being able to actively engage are preventing clients from accessing important services.

We are exploring new ways of a more customer-oriented health care approach where patients are partners rather than, well, patients.

Communication technology will play a critical role in this new approach. We are ready to take on this huge opportunity.

Thinking outside the box, connecting ideas from various industries and developing them further is what we are great at.

‘Kaepsele’ is South German slang for smart kid. The name is commitment for us.


We developed a service that is a perfect example of our creative capacity. It is called doc-2-go, the doctor you can take with you.

You can’t come to the clinic? Get medical advice anyway. Virtually. Wherever you are. You think that’s cool? So do we!

Check it out and log on.
Your doctor can see you now.