we offer consultancy services for high impact health programs – whether it is for a small clinic or a national program.

our focus is on innovation rather than administration and for us better outcomes for patients is core and center of any intervention.

we are super excited about the endless opportunities that mobile communication technology offers for health care such as mHealth and telemedicine.

capsele is positioned in a very unique way as it combines various aspects of health care:

hands-on clinical experience, understanding physicians’ and patients’ needs

background in public health and epidemiology with strong analytical skills

understanding of policy needs and budgetary constraints to manage large international health programs

clear business mindset with a focus on impact, results and efficiency

always curious and energetic with an entrepreneurial approach to challenges


we are NOT interested in doing another assessment and writing another report.

we are committed to supporting change implementation through careful research, innovative program design and restrictive evaluation.

we believe that better access to quality health care is possible and not necessarily more expensive.

we understand that mobile technology is playing a critical role in health care delivery.

we see these opportunities clearly in emerging economies.

do NOT hire us if you want to continue doing business as usual.